stew Who?

I'm Mat Stewart, but most people call me "Stew."

In May of 2014, I graduated from Illinois State University with my Bachelor of Science in the sequence of Graphic Design.  In the following October, I accepted a position as a Jr. Art Director/Digital Developer for Gelia, Wells & Mohr, Inc., a marketing and advertising agency in Peoria, Illinois. After 7 months with Gelia, I went on to accept another job, and am currently working as a Graphic Designer for my favorite team in the National Football League, the Chicago Bears.  

In a work environment, I would say that my biggest strengths are that I'm well-organized, I have strong project management skills and the ability to multitask. The "little bit of extra" that I bring to the table is that I'm friendly, personable, I thrive under pressure and I will do any work I can get my hands on, and then some.


What about hobbies?

Well, aside from my life-long obsession with graphic design and illustration, I'd have to say my next love is sports. I love watching them, and I especially love playing them. If it involves being active, you can count me in. I have been involved in nearly every single sport at some point or another throughout my life, including several intramural sports at Illinois State (Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball), and was also on the practice team for the Illinois State Women's Basketball team. Yep, the Women's Basketball team.

Also, my TV Series resumé is quite extensive:
Game of Thrones, WestWorld, Breaking Bad, The Newsroom, Mad Men, Portlandia, The Sopranos, The Wire, Oz, Black Mirror, Arrested Development, Mindhunters, Sherlock, House of Cards, Louie, Ozark, Band of Brothers, Boardwalk Empire, Entourage, The Walking Dead, Bored to Death, LOST, Dexter, The Leftovers, Silicon Valley, True Detective, Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, Regular Show,Rick & Morty, Adventure Time, Big Mouth, The End of the F***ing World, and BoJack Horseman.